Why Fiberglass

When it comes to deciding to install a pool one must choose between a vinyl, concrete or fiberglass pool.  At Aqua Blue Designs we believe fiberglass pools offer the affordability, ease of maintenance, durability, and design that many customers are looking for.


Great Finish

Fiberglass pools use a Gel Coat Finish in their construction.  What does this mean for you?  First, fiberglass pools are nonporous which makes it difficult for algae to grow, reducing the need to buy santizing chemicals.  The surface of your fiberglass pool will be smooth and free from wrinkles that can be found in vinyl pools or the roughness that can be found in concrete pools.  Steps, seating areas and the bottom of fiberglass pools are textured to provide surfaces that are easy to walk on.



Choosing a fiberglass pool is an investment that saves you money over the lifetime of the pool.  Vinyl liners can fade and rip overtime requiring them to be replaced every 5 to 10 years.  Concrete pools can experience cracking and crumbling surfaces during the life of the pool which can be expensive to repair.  Fiberglass pools offer great durability over the course of ownership.  No need to replace a liner once it becomes old and faded, no ripping when your furry friends decide to take a dip, and no repairing of cracks or crumbling walls.  With any pool you choose, the life expectancy is determined by proper water balance.  Doing so is easy with a fiberglass pool offering your family many years of enjoyment.



Design Choices

Fiberglass pool offer many different shapes, sizes, colors, and features to help make your idea of a backyard escape possible.  Fiberglass pools allow you to pick from a wide variety of shapes and sizes that can’t be found in lined or concrete pools.  Fiberglass offers the ability to have built-in benches for sitting, tanning ledges and sun shelves to relax the day away,  and easy to navigate steps that are built into the pool to help exit the pool without ladders.  Lastly, fiberglass pools come in a wide variety of colors to make that dream of a backyard oasis a reality.  


Ease of Installation

 Your fiberglass pool will arrive ready to install.  Once built to your specifications it will be placed on a delivery truck and delivered to your home.  While en route Aqua Blue Designs will be hard at work preparing for the arrival of your new pool by digging and prepping the area so when the pool arrives it is ready to drop into place. This process is much faster than building a concrete pool that can take up to six months to build.