Features Overview

We not only specialize in installing beautiful outdoor pools but the features that go into making them even better.  Whether you are looking to install a relaxing spa to escape the stresses of everyday life, a spray park or fountains for the kids to splash in, or an endless pool that will provide you an excellent cardiovascular workout, our professional team is ready to help your dreams come true. 


Royal Spas

We are the Kansas City Distributor for Royal Spas.  Royal Spas is a company from Indianapolis that dominates the Indianapolis hot tub market.  Royal Spas manufactures a full line of hot tubs, swim spas, and jetted tubs.  They specialize in high-quality, low-maintenance designs that provide the ultimate experience in hot tubbing.  Although we do not stock these Hot Tubs, we would be happy to place an order for the hot tub of your choice from this company.  Please visit their website to see the entire selection of models.  Each of these models is ordered to your specifications for cabinetry, shell color and cover color.  Note the King Ultra, is designed for the Indianapolis NFL team players!

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Spray Parks

One of the most popular ways for kids to cool off is with a spray of clear cool water.  Here are some ideas for your own neighborhood or backyard spray park that will be the envy of the neighborhood!  We also do larger commercial spray parks.

Water sprays can be built in small areas to provide big fun for the little kids.  We can even install these toys as an addition to your backyard pool.


Endless Pools

Endless Pools swim machines provide a current or steam of water that can turn a small pool into a place to swim in one direction indefinitely.  The speed of the current is adjustable to suite your needs.

Contact us to discuss how we can install a new pool with this capability or turn your existing pool into an endless lap pool.

Beach Entry

Thrusday Pool’s new Sandal Beach Entry Pool provides you with a beach like experience as you enter and exit the pool. The beach entry allows for easier access into and out of the pool making it convent for all ages. The entry also allows the user to sunbathe and relax in the shallow water of the pool.