About Us


Hello pool lovers! 

You’re invited to relax and enjoy a luxurious new Aqua Blue pool—now, and for years to come.

Thank you for considering Aqua Blue Designs, Inc. I’m Norm Whitted, owner/operator of Aqua Blue, Kansas City’s oldest and most experienced fiberglass pool contractor and installer. We’ve been providing beautiful, practical and easy-care pools to area residents for more than 15 years.

The more you know, the better we look.

We’re not the largest, but we’re the best at what we do. We’ve designed and built hundreds of pools, and no two projects were exactly alike. We specialize in custom work, tailoring each pool to our client’s needs and desires.

A licensed Class 2 building contractor in Johnson County, Kansas, we also maintain business licenses in every location in which our pools are built. We’re bonded and fully insured, and provide certificates of insurance with your job.

All pools are not created equal.

Fiberglass is the best material choice for holding water in an in-ground pool.  It’s strong, waterproof, easily formed into beautiful shapes, and easier to install than other types of pools. Choose from unlimited colors and finishes to enhance your home.

Your pool investment goes beyond the initial cost of construction. The ongoing maintenance of a pool is dependent upon the way it’s designed and the materials used. From the pool installation, to the hardscapes, fencing, and final landscaping, every process and material is chosen for its affordable quality and longevity. Functionality and practicality are never compromised.

We install the most economical heat pump to control pool water temperature. Most of our pools use salt chlorine generators with automated adjustments to maintain water chemistry effortlessly. This combination of an automated system and the fiberglass pool surface makes our pools the easiest to care for. This will save you valuable time and money over the life of your pool.

Beyond providing the best manufacturer’s warranty in the business, Aqua Blue stands behind our work.  When you need assistance, we’ll be there with expert service and support.

Quality, professionalism and ethical standards are important to us, too.

We will treat your pool project as if it’s our own. Your site will be kept safe, clean, and respectful of your family. Our crews have been with us since the beginning. Each member of the crew is a professional—trustworthy and quality-minded.

We keep our crews busy year-round, so we don’t hire seasonal workers. From surveying, to excavation, to installation, plumbing and finished landscaping, you will reap the rewards of experienced, quality-minded work.

 Our reputation is built on “No surprises”.

Here’s what to expect when you work with us:

1.          Design – Choose from 100’s of shapes, sizes and colors from our manufacturers’ offerings. All come with the industry’s best warranties. We’ll provide drawings, and offer features and materials options to match your tastes and requirements.

2.          Detailed Estimate –We’ll provide a clear list of our responsibilities to you, a list of the processes and materials included in the job, along with a payment schedule based on progress.

3.          Construction – Your site will be marked, excavated and the pool shell placed. Then comes the backfill, plumbing, waterline tile and decking installation.

4.          Finishing – We’ll construct retaining walls, fencing, perform grading, cleanup, landscaping and custom accessories as itemized in the detailed job estimate.

5.          Training – The job is not complete until you are comfortable with the operation of your pool. It will be built to require a minimum of time and effort to maintain its beauty and functionality. And we will teach you the details of operation prior to calling the job complete.

6.          Service and Support – Our products and installation are warranted. We handle all manufacturer’s warranty work and follow-up support ourselves.

We can help make your dreams a reality.

If you’re looking for financing options, we can assist with references to backyard-friendly lenders. Our quality reputation will be valuable in this process.

Choose us for your project…relax and enjoy your luxurious new Aqua Blue pool—now, and for years to come.

Let’s talk!